The Agathon puts its focus on goals set by the company itself to help customers be at the forefront of competitiveness.

Among its main products we find standard parts, molds for dies and cutters and punching tools.

As an independent manufacturer among the best in the world, its aim is to create high quality technical products oriented to customer needs. In this way, investing in the development and innovation of its products is a constant feature of Agathon.

The Agathon it does not just solve practical problems, it solves them in the best possible way, which has made Agathon a synonym for top quality, competence and trust allied to an excellent service.

For Agathon, leadership in technology is essential.

Agathon produces parts and accessories for the following industries:

  • Car
  • Wind
  • Aerospace
  • Nautical
  • Transport
  • Molds
  • Tools
  • Watchmaker

Download the catalog and discover the entire range of Agathon products.