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Latest technologies for injection molding
The SIGMA technical talk Thermoplastics will be held in English on March 2nd and 4th. You are warmly invited to learn about the latest state of the art in Thermoplastics injection molding. With exclusive presentations from Creo Software by TCA, Vuforia Software by TCA, GÜNTHER Hotrunner and SIGMA Engineering, which will give you a detailed insight into the potential of Thermoplastic applications. Timo Gebauer, technical director of SIGMA, will guide you through our two-hour program and our tool. Thermoplastic expert Marco Ruivo will show and tell you how to achieve the Holy Grail of Injection Molding: The large plane surface.

Thursday, March 4th, 2021 

Ab 02:55 pm

3 pm








5 pm

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Tool Design: the implementation process flow with simulation side by side
CREO at TCA, Bruno Sousa, Manager at TCA

Easy access to simulation results anywhere for anyone in the team
Vuforia at TCA, Tiago Damasio, Application Engineer

How to choose the right hot runner to achieve the project goals
GÜNTHER Hotrunner, Horst-Werner Bremmer, Head of Sales Germany

The Holy Grail of Injection Molding: The large plane surface and how to achieve it 
SIGMA Engineering, Marco Ruivo, Technical Sales Manager

End of the event, questions 


Registration takes place via the SIGMA Academy event calendar. After registration you will receive a confirmation email and your access link. We look forward to your active participation and questions after the presentations. For further questions regarding the event please contact: Katharina Aschhoff or Nicole Klein
Tel.: +49 (0)241 89 495 – 1008 I